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As a MHFA Captain,

what can you give?

Your readiness & sincerity

Make known to your classmates that you are ready to support as their Mental Health First Aid Captain


A keen eye,

a listening ear & a helping hand

for classmates with emotional needs whom you have identified or being informed

Your enthusiasm, creativity & effort

Come up with your own ideas and promote mental wellness among your classmates

  • e.g.,

    • disseminating caring messages or cheer-up gifts,

    • organising wellness workshop for fellow students

    • designing wellness awareness booth on campus,

    • organising informal tea gatherings

    • being a “tree hole” (confidential) of fellow students through social media,

                  …the list goes on.

  • A maximum of HK$200 activity subsidy per semester will be provided for reimbursement. An outstanding service activity proposal will be eligible for a subsidy up to HK$500.

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